Chase D.A. Rules

All D.A. Meets are organised in accordance with the code of conduct for the Organisation of meets which is printed in full in the Club Handbook, please familiarise yourself and comply with its requirements.

It is particularly important to note the following:

 1. Chemical toilets must only be emptied on site where a suitable      disposal point is available. Toilets must not be taken or filled at drinking water points.

 2. Please do not allow your children to play ball games close to      camping units as damage is easily caused and expensive to repair.

 3. Proof of club membership is to be shown by participating members      when properly demanded by the Steward or other duly authorised      Office of the DA.

 4. If in any doubt about a meet please contact the site secretary      before setting out.

 5. If you are the first member on site, please confirm with the      landowner which field to use and act as Steward until the official      Steward arrives.

 6. The Steward is a volunteer. Help the Steward to help you by      observing the rules.

 7. Noise should be kept to a minimum and there should be no noise      whatsoever between 11.00 pm and 7.00 am.

 8. Camp around the field wherever possible. If in doubt see Steward      before pitching.

 9. The minimum wall to wall distance between units should be 20 feet      (6 metres).

10. All rubbish should be taken home or placed in receptacles where      provided. Under no circumstances should the rubbish be buried.

11. All animals are to be kept under control and on a lead no longer      than six feet. They must not be allowed to run loose on the field      and they are not permitted in the social tent. Animals must be      exercised well away from camping areas. In the event of any mishap      you will be expected to clean up after your animals.

12. The speed limit on site is 5 miles per hour at all times.

All members of the Camping and Caravanning Club are invited to join Chase DA at any event or weekend meet where they can be assured of a friendly welcome.